Magic Sokoban Gold v2.1


Game Overview

Magic Sokoban is a classical puzzle game.
Colorful and 3D realistic visualization. 3D sound.
Easy game control, mouse use only.
Unlimited undo. Save, Load a game.
More than 100 levels.

Sokoban is Japanese for "warehouse man".
The purpose of the game is to push a number of boxes to a designated position.
You can only push one box at a time. Be careful you don't push a box into a corner where you can't get it out.
There is no time limit for finishing a level.
When the current level is completed, you will be allowed to the next level.


Magic Sokoban Screenshot #1 Magic Sokoban Screenshot #2 Magic Sokoban Screenshot #3

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System Requirements

Free Download Magic Sokoban Gold


All levels of Magic Sokoban have a solution.

The game has hidden cheat codes:

You may input Cheats codes in anytime, simple press a keys (example m,s,c,l,e,v,0,9 for level 9 loading, as in DOOM game)


Magic Sokoban is distributed on a shareware license.
This means: you may test Magic Sokoban before you buy it. Limitation of unregistered version: only Demo levels are available.
You can register your copy of Magic Sokoban at a cost of $5.55 (USD).
On payment approval, we will send you the registration key that make available all unregistered levels.
Your registration will be valid for all future versions of Magic Sokoban.
The registration fee will license Magic Sokoban for use on one computer in your home, and on one computer at your workplace. If you wish to use Magic Sokoban on several computers, you should purchase several single licenses.

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