Blade Tournament

Enroll into battle and emerge victorious in one of the most challenging multiplayer tournament experiences out there! Blade Tournament is an intense, action-packed and fun deathmatch game that you can play with people from all over the world. What you need to do is to eliminate the opponents before they do the same to you.

Killing your enemies is not that easy, but thankfully the arenas have death traps and other elements that may come in handy. Controls in Blade Tournament are very simple, you just have to tap two buttons for moving and attacking your enemies.

If you want, you can train with bots before you enter a multiplayer deathmatch experience. There can be dozens of players on the same map, and that leads to some fun, exciting and really intense gaming moments for you to enjoy.

Plus, Blade Tournament also has support for local play. If you love action packed experiences, then Blade Tournament is definitely the right game for you. It’s unique, intense and it features everything you need in a single package.

If you love deathmatch, action packed games then download Blade Tournament right now. Immerse yourself in the ultimate, most intense gaming experience!


  • Simple, two-button controls
  • You can create your own servers
  • Practice with bots
  • Simplistic, beautiful graphics


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Have you ever found yourself flicking through your tablet or mobile device, hoping, wishing there was something new and interesting on it, yet with the satisfaction of completing a difficult challenge? In which case, Zircon is for you!

Zircon is a beautiful, Egyptian style puzzle game, one that is oozing with style, polish, challenge, and enjoyment! Featuring a colourful cast of crystals for you to connect, creating some stunning and gorgeous colour combinations and patterns; with each new pattern being even more interesting than the last. Throughout beginning to end, you’ll find yourself entranced and in delight of each and every one of the puzzles, showing a new, original, and unique pattern through each.

Just because the game looks nice and plays well, doesn’t mean it’s going to go easy on you! Zircon is the type of game you’d be looking for if you really want a challenge, and to see just how well your mind can work in regards to finding the answers for each puzzle.

Not only do the puzzles pull you in and engross you until every single one of them has been solved; the game also has a fantastic, dedicated soundtrack throughout. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the menus, or you’re tackling the final puzzle of the game, the game will treat you to some lovely music to help keep your creative mind flowing from beginning to end.

The majority of solutions for the puzzles in Zircon aren’t going to be the easiest of feats, and may require you to think outside of the box to solve. But thankfully, the game is designed to teach you exactly how to think outside the box right from the very start, even if you’ve never played this unique type of puzzle game before. It’s designed to slowly ramp up the challenges, yet manages to keep the game fun, yet challenging at the same time.

There are a number of levels and puzzles for you to solve, racking up to the dozens, meaning that you won’t be short of gameplay, that’s for sure. Trust me, the moment you load up Zircon, you won’t be wishing to stop playing until you complete the very final level, and even then you’ll want to go back and tackle past challenges over and over again. Even though you may have solved them before, the unique nature of these puzzles create for an original experience for the player with every play-through, regardless of how many times you’ve played those levels before.

Overall, Zircon has a vast amount for you to enjoy, from the sounds to the gameplay, all the way to the very theme itself. If you’ve been looking for one of the more unique and enjoyable puzzle games on the android store, then look no further than Zircon. You most certainly won’t be disappointed!