MatrixMania Screensaver

This is a fantastic full customizable screen saver with many features.
This is the code displayed on Tanks screen in the movie "The Matrix". Just look at your screen and relax!

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Gloom Beacon

Gloom Beacon is an epic game challenging you to use your strategic thinking at full scale. It combines turn-based card strategy with role-playing elements, and mahjong style combats, though hasteless, are really thrilling.
  • Sophisticated plot
  • Original gameplay
  • Mahjong style combats
  • A great variety of enemies
  • Strategic thinking

Shattera: Whell of Time

Shattera: Whell of Time is new improved version of breakout-style game!
  • Ultra realistic physic in 3D space.
  • 100 new level and 24 unique bonuses.
  • New impressive graphics and dynamic gameplay.

MaxGammon v1.1

MaxGammon is a colorful and 3D realistic visualization of the classical board game of Backgammon. You can play against incredibly smart computer opponents or go on your network and play against other people! MaxGammon has adjustable board skins, optional backgammon rules you can change and multi-language support.

MaxJongg v1.3

MaxJongg is a singular relaxation game based on the Mahjongg solitare game with many features.
New game rules. Colorful and 3D realistic visualization. 3D sound. Adjustable background and tile skin. Several different layouts are available.

Magic Sokoban Gold v2.1

Magic Sokoban is an increased complexity puzzle game.
Colorful and 3D realistic visualization. 3D sound.
Easy game control, mouse use only.
Unlimited undo. Save, Load a game.
More 100 levels.
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